FBI's Portland Field Office requests public assistance in identifying potential victims of a violent sex assault offender living in multiple states.

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Negasi Zuberi, also known as "Sakima," arrested for interstate kidnapping after a victim escaped his Oregon home following sexual assault and confinement.

Zuberi traveled 450 miles with the victim after posing as an undercover police officer, sexually assaulting her during the trip.

Victim freed herself from a cinderblock cell in Zuberi's garage and sought help after being locked up and assaulted.

FBI links Zuberi to additional violent sexual assaults in at least four states and suspects more victims nationwide.

FBI extends investigation to multiple states and encourages potential victims of Zuberi (aka Sakima) to share information and seek assistance.

Zuberi reportedly used different methods, including drugging and impersonating a police officer, to gain control over his victims.

 The FBI acknowledges the cooperation of various law enforcement agencies in the ongoing investigation into Zuberi's alleged crimes.